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About the Artist

Laura-Dinoia-ArtistWhile Art was always a passion, Laura spent the first part of her career in everything but art – retail sales, corporate marketing, a decade with the local ambulance service, making a home and participating in the creative activities of the local schools.

Then something happened – She arrived at the boomer age of retirement, downsizing and empty-nesting with good health, a lot of time and an insatiable appetite to make things and make things happen. Everyday has her working on several projects simultaneously: a commissioned triptych for someone’s living room, a magic garden painting in pastels for a print series, cartoons for one of her card sets or pillows in some form for fun and show (shelf pillows, bowl fillers and home décor). And that doesn’t even include what she plans for Christmas (hand made ornaments, unique designs made from recycled materials, custom Christmas cards).

Laura is working on expanding her work with the simultaneous purpose of contributing to local economic development.  “Hand Made” and, more specifically, “Hand Made in America” are the tenets important to the future of her business and its growth.  With that in mind she is exploring working with community empowerment groups.

Please appreciate that every item is handmade. At this time I have no inventory. Therefore please allow two weeks for delivery unless I notify you otherwise. Thank you for understanding.

For any wholesale or licensing requests or questions please contact Laura at

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