Still Flailing

It took me the entire morning to figure out how to do this.  And I’m going to do this professionally?  The cartoon was easy (pencil and paper) — the editing ?!?  I will be learning Illustrator next week (finally).  Right now I am using Pixlr (it’s free and fun) but I’m sure this could have been accomplished in minutes rather than the hours it has taken me here.

I often say that I wish there were more years ahead of me than behind because this ever evolving technology is really amazing. It’s good and bad that I have no fear.  I’m always discovering new ways to do new things — then again I wish there are more ‘undo’ buttons than there are… blogging has certainly taught me that but that is another story for another time and perhaps a different blog.  Off to Apple (I hope today) to get all my data transferred.  What an amazing world!